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Why You Don’t Need a Second Shooter for your Wedding

I began pro photography back in 2009, as a solo shooter…and still am. It might be a characteristic of a visual artist, but it might be more. Contrary to what most people think or say, you don’t need a second shooter for your wedding. Not unless you plan on having a massive wedding with too many guests and you as well as the bride/groom are getting ready in completely different and distant locations, there isn’t really a need for an extra shooter.

Asking for a second shooter will increase the fees for your wedding photography coverage. You may argue that you need extra images or you can find another photographer who comes with a second shooter. Fair enough. Me, I am both an artist and a business owner. I love what I do and at the same time, I have to run my business professionally, subscribing to yearly seminars and workflow tutorials, and buying all the software and hardware needed. So let me analyze my point of view on why you don’t need a second shooter for your wedding or why all these years I keep remaining as a solo shooter –  a romantic one. 


Can a Solo Photographer be in Two Places at Once?

If I had this superpower, being in two places at once, I would be the happiest destination wedding photographer on the planet. 🙂 Unfortunately, no one can be in two places at once. For the past 12 years that I have been in the wedding industry, I have ensured that I capture every special moment of your wedding.


Check out my portfolio. You will see that all my wedding shoots tell a story. From the moment the bride is getting ready to the moment the groom smiles or sheds a tear of joy when his bride is walking down the aisle up to the reception dances. I will be there to capture all those authentic moments. I have trained myself to always be there at special moments when you and your loved ones want to be photographed. I capture the moments as they come, moments that have a timeless quality. 


What about Angles and Vantage Points?

If you are going to trust me with documenting your wedding, which is a celebration of a lifetime, then don’t worry about angles and vantage points. Being your photographer, I will analyze the wedding venue and identify vantage points that will ensure I get the best shots. My aim is that my photographs will always keep your memories and feelings of the day alive and will feature lots of different angles.


Two Shooters Cause a Lot of Confusion

There are many reasons why I love shooting weddings alone. I know that most clients find it hard to open up to a stranger, imagine if we were two. My approach toward photography is different from the rest. I prefer to connect with the bride and groom on an emotional level. This way, I get to photograph their true feelings. My objective is to ensure that my clients trust me. My experience is vast, having shot a wide range of weddings around Greece and Cyprus, multicultural and vivid big weddings, or more intimate elopements at private villas on the Greek islands.

Two wedding photographers cause a lot of mix-ups. You and your guests won’t know which camera to look at. It’s difficult to keep track of those who have or haven’t been photographed. Having a background in fine arts, I want to have full control of capturing couples who immerse themselves in every emotion on their wedding day.

Another disadvantage is that two photographers will have different viewpoints. Your wedding pictures will be inconsistent and this is something you ought to avoid completely. My work has my personal style and approach. In your search for a wedding photographer, you will obviously be looking for a certain style. Bringing in another professional will lead to a different outcome. However, there were a few cases, exceptions,  that I had to have a second shooter for specific reasons. 


What about Photographers Who Include a Second Shooter in Their Packages?

Most second shooters are usually new grads or trainees. If you get a low-rate package that includes a second shooter, then you need to think twice. No professional photographer would accept being the second shooter to earn a quarter or half the fees they would get from covering their own events.


What if you Need More Pictures?

Are you willing to swap quantities for quality? Probably not. A wedding photographer can give you a reasonable number of photos for your album and share them on social media. The lesser the photos, the more quality you get because the photographer will have time to edit them properly. Of what benefit would it be to have 1,000+ photos on your hard drive that will never be printed, framed, or even looked at?


How I Kill It as a Solo Photographer

As a solo, skilled photographer, I always walk away with plenty of great shots. Many of my clients have been pleased with my wedding photography in Greece, to the point of constantly referring me to their friends and relatives and calling me an “artist”. I seek to capture emotional moments at the intersection of joy and intimacy in a very discreet way. 


Allow me to give you a sneak peek of how I succeeded as a solo wedding photographer;

  • I am always in communication with my clients so that I know what shots they prefer.
  • I am sending a wedding day photography questionnaire that will help me identify things I should cover.
  • Before the wedding date, I created a timeline with the help of the bride and groom.
  • Visit the venue in advance and identify vantage points.
  • On the wedding day, I arrive early and work with the wedding coordinator to ensure no moment passes me by.

Check out

The above strategies make my work as a solo photographer easy and manageable. I do support all these years my personal style which is poetic, and timeless, with a cinematic feel touch! As I wrap up, this post isn’t here to advise you against hiring a second shooter. But its purpose is to educate and ensure you make the best decision that suits your budget and style. 



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I hold a BA in Fine Arts – WCA, University of the Arts London, and a MA Digital Arts – London Metropolitan University. I love being a storyteller. Follow me on a photojournalistic adventure that captures the laughs, tears, smiles, and playful moments that happen on your day.

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