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WEDDING ADVICEWedding Preparation – 7 Things You Can Easily Do from Home
wedding preparation

Wedding Preparation – 7 Things You Can Easily Do from Home

Wedding preparation might seem like a big challenge, but there are still lots of things you can do from home.

7 Things You Can Easily Do from Home

Task 1: Review your Preparation Timetable

It’s a good idea to revisit your planning schedule. Some dates may have been changed. You might need to set yourself some new goals in the weeks ahead. If you can’t go ahead with something you had hoped to do right now, then look for another task that you can do instead.


Task 2: Do Your Research and use Apps

 With time on your hands at home, this is an ideal opportunity to get online and search all those lovely websites: flowers, dresses, and shoes, you can browse them all at your leisure. You might find great ideas that you can adapt and include on your own wedding day.


Task 3: Design Your Wedding Stationery

It doesn’t matter if you are unable to get together with your wedding planner. Video conferencing lets you sit down and discuss key design features like invitations and thank you letters, for example. You can even show each other ideas and designs. Good preparation at this stage will help create the right theme and color scheme.


Task 4: Try Out Some Menu Options

You may not be able to go out and sample the culinary delights that are on offer in restaurants and hotels these days, but you can certainly have food delivered. Have your own tasting days at home and see if you can find the perfect wedding menu.


Task 5: Talk to Your Partner

Wedding preparation together with your partner. Whether you are at home with your partner or living separately, you can use this time to encourage and reassure each other. Find out if your partner is worried about anything and tell him or her what worries you. Take the preparation phase, a time of sharing and closeness, in anticipation of the big day. You will look back on this as a very special time.


Task 6: Lists, Lists, and More Lists

Make lists. Guest lists, wedding gift registry, musical playlists, things to do: all of these should be kept up to date, and modified as the day draws nearer.


Task 7: Look After Yourself

 It’s easy to feel stressed and anxious at the moment. That’s why it’s so important to look after your body and your mind. Join an online mindfulness group, practice yoga, take walks in the fresh air, and cook delicious, healthy food to keep yourself in shape. How about a spa day at home, with bathing and beauty treatments to bring some rest and relaxation into your day? This is the most important task of all, and you should definitely devote many hours to looking after yourself in preparation for the big event.


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