Magdalene has an eye for composition in her photography; her photos capture more than the moment they become a piece of art. She was everything we could have ever wanted as a photographer for our destination wedding on Hydra - she was poised, discreet, helpful, and also a wonderful person. She captured every little moment: the best looks, the best dancing, the best smiles, and all in a unique way. I wish I could better express how happy we are with her but words can't do her justice- she was simply spectacular!

Anastasia & Michael, Hydra wedding

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been able to have Magdalene as our wedding photographer. Not only is she a true artist with an exceptional eye and sensibility, who has been able to capture the most wonderful moments of our wedding on Sifnos, but she is also an extremely professional photographer. Everything with her has been smooth from start to finish, and with all the stress a wedding entails this is of considerable importance. In a nutshell, the trust she created has been the source of gorgeous pictures that we will cherish forever and I wish I could work with Magdalene over and over again.

Laurie & Clement, France, Sifnos wedding

Magdalene is pure magic, she captures the most important candid moments and you don’t even realize she’s in the room. She specializes in journalistic photography so if you don’t like posing for pictures or you are camera shy she is your girl. She documented amazing moments, each picture conveys emotion, every time I look at a picture I relive my wedding. Her pictures are beautiful, she is professional and honest. most of all she helps you feel relaxed on your big day, she truly is a breath of fresh air.

Jennifer & Dimitris, Corfu wedding

My husband and I really wanted wedding pictures that captured the "us" and were more natural than a lot of the photographic styles we had seen. We came across Magdalene Kourti Photography searching online and were instantly excited by her beautiful, artistic style and it was just what we had been looking for. We were slightly apprehensive about booking someone overseas, but we needn’t have been. From our initial inquiry, Magdalene completely put us at ease. She responded to our questions so quickly and gave us some great options we had not considered… nothing was too much trouble and we felt as though we were the only people she was dealing with. She really made us and our wedding feel so special. On our wedding day, she really put us at ease – her style is contemporary and edgy and she is such a beautiful, positive, artistic person. It's no surprise her photography is the same. Our photographs are beautiful and they really capture us. Everyone who has seen them says, “wow, they’re so you”. Magdalene has a unique gift and she was able to capture our special day perfectly. Thank you for taking our wedding photographs and giving us the most beautiful pictures that completely tell the story of our day… nothing staged, nothing posed, just breathtaking beautiful pictures that capture us completely. I can’t wait to come back for an anniversary and have some more done.

Sarah & Chris, Lindos wedding

I immediately loved the aesthetic of Magdalene’s work when I came across their beautiful photographs for the first time. It was that kind of natural and dreamy air about them that made us choose them for our wedding on the picturesque island of Hydra. It has been a pleasure to work together, we have had a really nice interaction from the moment we first talked and even though we live in England and only got to meet Magda in person at the wedding, the distance was never a problem and communication was made very easy. What is truly extraordinary is that she captures special moments without you knowing that she is there. It felt effortless and relaxed to work with her and the result was stunning. We are very happy with the photographs – they really capture the emotions of the day. A lot of them are highly artistic resembling a painting that you could hang up! I immediately loved the aesthetic of Magdalene’s work when I came across their beautiful photographs for the first time. It was that kind of natural and dreamy air about them that made us choose them for our wedding on the picturesque island of Hydra. It has been a pleasure to work together, we have had a really nice interaction from the moment we first talked and even though we live in England and only got to meet Magda in person at the wedding, the distance was never a problem and communication was made very easy. What is truly extraordinary is that she captures special moments without you knowing that she is there. It felt effortless and relaxed to work with her and the result is stunning. We are very happy with the photographs – they really capture the emotions of the day. A lot of them are highly artistic resembling a painting that you could hang up!

Anna & Ben, Hydra wedding

We had an amazing experience with Magdalene! We received the photos of our wedding shortly after the ceremony and her work honestly exceeded our expectations! Her ‚eye‘ offered us the most captivating photos which make us live the day again and again! Apart from the outstanding job she does, she is also a beautiful person. A sweet, discrete and calm presence. We are completely impressed by her aura and professionalism, she is second to none. We highly recommend her! Magdalene, you have a place in our hearts!

Alexandra, Max, Ilias

Magdalene was honestly one of the best things about our beautiful wedding in Lindos, Greece. We were incredibly overwhelmed and so so happy with our choice of photographer, she treated us with such kindness and was so relaxed and happy on the day and totally put us at ease. She even drove us to St Pauls Bay in our car for extra photos, which are our favorite of all of them!!! The photos are so much more amazing than I even thought they would be! I gave her a few inspo pictures before the wedding and she has captured everything we wanted. We can't recommend Magdalene enough if you want a truly lovely soul on your wedding day to give you lovely words of encouragement.

Jessica & Jack

It is one thing to have 'formal' photos of your wedding day and another to have images that capture the essence of moments! Magdalene observed and recorded our story as it unfolded, each image filled with emotion, truth, and realism. Magdalene has a distinct artistic vision towards wedding photography, she strives not for a flawless shot, but to perfectly capture the actual emotion and atmosphere of the scene. Having a destination wedding often means having to celebrate without the presence of all your loved ones, we go home knowing that through our photos we can relive our special day with them, moment by moment. Thank you for authentically and candidly capturing our love!

Adriana and Anastasios, Kos wedding

We loved our experience with Magdalene!! No matter how rushed the day felt, she made me feel so calm and relaxed. The photos were natural and fun! It was really perfect having her as our photographer and glad we booked her for both our wedding events!!

Anushka & Joe, Crete wedding

We got married in Rhodes in June. When I was given a list of photographers I immediately saw Magdalene's photos and knew she was the one. She captured the natural and intimate moments, the ones that are unrehearsed and un-staged, the in- between moments only a gifted photographer can see.

Tamy, Lindos wedding

I can barely put this in words, thank you so much! We've spent hours looking at the photos already. This was the best gift we'll ever receive, with your pictures we were reliving our wedding minute for minute and sobbing all the way through. We really feel that you captured our emotions just the way they feel, and because of that we can share our moments with our loved ones and have them live on forever. We are so thankful for this, both the pictures and for the way you worked with us. So again, thank you, thank you for this precious moment.

Daniel and Linda, Rhodes wedding

Working with Magdalene was the easiest part of our wedding planning. We picked her because of her artistic vision and ability to capture both the sweet candid moments throughout the day and the energy of the dance party at our reception. Her photographs were beyond our wildest expectations and we are in awe of her eye. Truly a pleasure working with her, and we'll enjoy the photographs and memories for the rest of our lives.

Mary & Evgenios, Rhodes wedding

We hired Magdalene for our wedding in Crete and we couldn't be happier with the photos! She captured the atmosphere perfectly and her eye for detail was impeccable. She was incredibly professional, very sweet and we are so lucky to have found her to be a part of our special day.

Victoria & Tim, Crete wedding

We couldn't be more delighted with our experience with Magdalene. She was not only exceptional behind the lens, but also exhibited a great ability to connect with us and our loved ones during our wedding day. Her communication throughout the entire process - from the planning stage to receiving the photos - was outstanding. During our wedding day, Magdalene's calm and friendly demeanour really stood out and helped create a comfortable atmosphere - she was great at capturing candid moments and her natural discreetness added a genuine touch to the photos. The end result was a great collection of images that beautifully captured the essence of the day.

Angeliki & David, Patmos wedding

As a bride in the US, wedding planning abroad was intimidating. I had great help from my planner Rosina, which helped a ton, but I knew I'd be super picky when it came to a photographer. Most US-based photographers have a really specific shooting and editing style that I don't like. I wanted more candid, genuine moments as opposed to posed. More natural, vibrant color than overly orange. More authentic capture of the night than crazy, over-exposed light lines (that look really trippy lol). The moment I saw Magdalene's website and portfolio I knew she was the one. Her photos are beautiful, natural, and raw. They capture the whole story as opposed to random shots throughout the day that just check the box. She was such a calming presence on the day off and I was immediately comfortable with her. My husband, getting ready in a different room, was initially resistant to having a photographer snap any pics of him getting ready with his groomsmen, but later told me, "It was fine! I barely noticed she was there and I'm so happy we got those photos" (and for her to feel 'not there' in a very small hotel room is an accomplishment! haha). What I really loved about Magdalene was that she was extremely flexible and go-with-the-flow. She did not come to my wedding with a preconceived idea of how she wanted me to stand and where- you could see the inspiration coming to her throughout the day and quickly acting on what looked good. It felt totally custom and tailored to me and my husband and our event. When we got our photos back, I was so overjoyed. She captured the day perfectly. I was (only a very little) nervous about choosing a photographer that was only a solo shooter as opposed to some who come as a team of 2 but I feel absolutely no regrets having one photographer. The photos clearly tell a story from 1 pm when we started to get ready through 4am when the party was over. I would LOVE to work with Magdalene again in the future and surely will contact her the next time my husband and I are in Greece (one year anniversary!!?).

Alex & Matt, Athens Riviera

My husband and I did vast amounts of research to find the right person to photograph our event. We thought we may not hire any photographer as we didn’t want any cheesy cookie-cutter style poses or photographs. We are both designers and hence very particular about any artwork and/or photography in our lives. You were a part of the wedding day that was not obtrusive or annoying (I hardly even noticed you, to be honest). Your style of working with people was kind and nurturing without posing or styling anyone. Better than the experience on the day itself is the outcome. The photos are absolutely amazing and better than we had hoped for. You capture intimate moments and funny ones; the bridal party and the guests; the food and the decorations. I would recommend working with you for anyone looking for a real and artistic approach to photography. I hope that our paths cross again someday as I’d love to hire and work with you again.

Andrea & Neil, Kefalonia wedding

We are excited to be back in Lindos for a family photo shoot with our Wedding Photographer, Magdalene. Just like our wedding photographs, Magdalene really captured the character and personality of us all, especially the children who are all now 7yrs older! We are amazed at how she brought that out so effortlessly with no awkward poses. The light she captured in the evening sun and the discreet beauty of Lindos was incredible. We are looking forward to creating a wall gallery with the photos to add to our wedding ones and won't leave it that long before we capture our family again. Such a pleasure to work with again.

Nicola & Jonathan, Lindos wedding

Magdalene is a very talented photographer. We had seen her work before we agreed to book her for our wedding day and what we really liked about it was the natural way she captured the moments - just like a spectator.

Katerina & George, Athens wedding

My wife and I had a destination Indian wedding in Rhodes. With a destination as beautiful as Rhodes and a wedding party of 100 guests to celebrate with us, we knew we had to capture the memories of a lifetime. An Indian wedding is filled with so many colors and rituals that we needed someone who truly understood the ceremony. Someone who can capture the mix of emotions that everyone goes through during an Indian wedding. But furthermore, we wanted someone who understood the Rhodes landscape so they could easily capture every moment on a stunning backdrop. We were recommended Magdalene by our caterer Saffron. From our initial conversation, we knew Magdalene was the one for us. She had just had another Indian Wedding in Rhodes and her gallery showed us the range of emotions she captures. We had never come across anyone who replied almost instantaneously to our emails – her customer service is second to none. We booked her for both our Indian wedding ceremony and our Civil ceremony. As a person, she is so calm and professional and gives off an aura of an artist. Her style of photography is unique in that you won’t know she is there yet she has captured moments that perfectly bring out emotion through every ritual. Each picture tells a story and brings the wedding to life. It was very important to us that she not only captured us but our guests too and she did that with such character. She had our wedding photos ready to send to us within days of the wedding.

Amar and Gemini, Rhodes wedding

We first met Magdalene in 2010 when she was the photographer for a family wedding and after we saw her stunning work we knew we had to hire her when we got engaged. Magdalene’s photographs are dynamic, beautiful, and meaningful. She really captured the feeling of our wedding day. Beyond her amazing work, Magdalene is an absolute pleasure to work with. We planned our wedding in Canada, and it meant so much to be able to rely on quick, professional responses from Magdalene whenever we needed to touch base with her about something. We would highly recommend Magdalene and her team to anyone who was planning a special event and required professional and creative photography.

Erin & Nikos, Pylos wedding

Magdalene具備攝影師之眼,能把我們婚禮那段時間,原汁原味地保存起來,每當看到相片便能如時光倒流般,回到Santorini,回憶那保貴的時光. 我欣賞她的風格,可能我愛好攝影原固,有著相當的要求,不喜愛做作,而Magdalene的作風如同一切,拍攝的過程,我和太太感覺自然,不生硬. Magdalene為人親切,雖然短短的一天,我們已像朋友般談天說地. 我相信就算幾十年後,再回味著相片,影片,亦能回到永至難忘的一刻….

Ivan & Ricky, Santorini wedding

För 2 år sen sökte vi en fotograf som skulle ta våra bröllopsbilder på Rhodos aug 2012 och då hittade jag Magdalene Kourti. Vi anlitade henne och under en timmes tid tog hon bilder under bröllopscermonin i Monte Smith kyrka, på hällen med Rhodos stad i bakgrunden och nere på stranden. Vi fick magiska bröllopsbilder som Magdalene tog på oss. Så nöjda vi var med bilderna på en dag som vi aldrig kommer att glömma. Vi beställde en resa till Rhodos aug 2014 igen och eftersom vi hade fått tillökning så ville vi ta familjebilder på oss. Valet var solklart och jag kontaktade Magdalene som mer än gärna ville ta bilderna på oss igen. Hon kom ut till vårt hotell Sunwing Kallithea Beach där hon tog bilder på oss i tidiga kvälls solen på flera ställen på hotellområdet. Vårt charmtroll älskar att bli fotograferad och blev en härlig fotografering. Vi väntade med spänning på att få se bilderna och vilka underbara bilder igen Magdalene tog. Älskar hennes sätt att ta bilder samt att man får dom både i färg och svartvitt!! Så mycket beröm vi har fått för både bröllops och familjebilderna som Magdalene tagit har ingen annan fotograf lyckats med. Vi kan verkligen rekommendera Magdalene Kourti som en super bra fotograf som tar magiska bilder med både kärlek, värme och känsla.

Familjen Hidfors Sverige, Rhodes wedding

Magdalene was an integral part of our special day and without her talent, enthusiasm & professionalism, we would not have such timeless, amazing photos to cherish, which really captured every angle of our wedding.

Anastasia & Panayiotis, Rhodes wedding

Magdalene is super talented and we are in love with our wedding pics. She was quick to respond and was very punctual. A pleasure to have around during the preparations and invisible to the guests. One of our best decisions for our wedding in Mykonos. Totally recommend!!!

Georgiana & James, Mykonos wedding

Magdalene et ce travail c'est unique! Elle etait toujours à côte à nous! Elle presente dans ces photos "les sentiments des invites pendent le ceremonie". La spontanéité et l'art donne un résultat magique! Vous pouvez vivre votre cérémonie une fois plus!

Anastasia & Dimosthenis, Rhodes wedding

I found Magdalene on a website in the Uk and I was so relieved as her photos were so beautiful and artistic, just how I wished my photos to look. Organizing a wedding in Greece from the UK is not easy but Magdalene was a pleasure to organize the day with, she was quick to reply to emails and was patient and understanding. On that day I did not even notice Magdalene was there. She was not instructive and was happy to capture any aspect of the day we wanted. When we saw the photos that Magdalene took of our wedding in Monemvasia in Greece which is an old medieval village within a fortress wall, we could not believe how amazing the photos looked with the artistic angle and effect Magdalene used they are so stunning. They are just how I wished my photos would look. Magdalene has captured the expressions of happiness on everyone's faces and each moment that I wanted to have captured in a photo forever. We will treasure these photos forever. Thank you for creating such beautiful memories for us

Eavan & Dominic, Monemvasia wedding

I cannot but highly recommend Magdalene! She has been very helpful and responsive since day 1 (a year before our wedding). Her style is truly unique, capturing all the emotions of our day. And you don't even notice she's there, she's more of a spectator. On top of that, the pictures were ready in less than a week! Last, but not least for us, she is a really sweet and kind person! We would not hesitate to book her again!

Iro & Takis, Rhodes wedding

Magdalene was an absolute dream to work with! From the beginning, we were asked what we wanted and how we wanted our photos to look. She understood us! She took on our suggestions with such enthusiasm and took a genuine heartfelt interest in our family, friends and wedding and felt we had another dear friend sharing our big day! Magdalene went beyond what a photographer is expected to do. We can’t thank you enough! Our photographs were even ready in super-fast time so we could show them at our party at home!

Zara & Morgan, Kallithea Springs wedding

Magdalene captured our day in a way that we could never imagine. The pictures blew us away with how beautiful and natural they were. Every time we look at them we see something new, the details are important. Very professional and wonderful to have around. Beautiful memories forever.

Kathryn & Alex, Pylos wedding

Thank you again! We were so lucky that you were the 'catcher' of the moment and brought such a positive and loving aura to us. I couldn't stop crying because I was so touched by how beautifully you caught all the moments.You are just amazing!!!! Wow!!!! Very thankful*

Sofie & Eric, Antiparos wedding

The pictures are fantastic!! You have such a great eye. I can’t believe you captured some of the moments that you did. I absolutely LOVE all the photos. Thanks again for capturing that special day for us. You’re awesome Magdalene!!

Josephin-Pramond, Santorini wedding

Magdalene, at the first sight of your website, I was really impressed! Your picture has the soul, delivering exactly the feeling and emotion of the bride and groom. My wife and I were very lucky to have you as our wedding photographer. You spent the whole day with us in Santorini shooting. We had fun! When looking at finished pictures, my wife and I were right off pleasantly surprised with the use of textures…old walls, wonderful colors represented by blue churches. the contrast between the red mountain and ocean! One must have an eye to discover such things and use them! Magdalene, you made it! In addition, I love the way of extensive use of contrasts to underline particular detail! It is really powerful!! Magdalene really you have the skill, eye, imagination, and the talent to deliver great shots!!

Long & Maggie, Santorini wedding

We planned our wedding to be on Mykonos during one of our port days on board a Royal Caribbean cruise. We found Magdalene on the wedding wire and she was the exact person we needed! She recommended a wedding planner and they worked beautifully together. Her pictures capture the personalities of everyone in them. The fact you don’t need to focus on posing and forcing smiles makes it easy to take in the beauty around you and all the small details to remember later after the day has passed. I couldn’t recommend a more talented photographer with a beautiful and gentle soul!

Desiree Z, Mykonos wedding

She is the best, I am pleased and very happy with my results. She assisted us throughout the photo shoot. Making sure that all goes well.She is an amazing person. I would recommend her to anyone, thank you for the excellent job you did for us, and look forward to seeing you again.

Betty, Rhodes event

Magdalene did an amazing job photographing our destination wedding in Naxos in 2019. Communication with her was always prompt, and I felt like she easily understood and delivered on what we were looking for in our photos. Her images are naturally composed, and I really love the authentic look of her work that sets her apart from other wedding photographers. Magdalene is also a warm, kind, and easy-going person, and I really enjoyed working with her and having her there on our special day.

Amanda & Wil, Naxos wedding

We hired Magdalene to be our photographer for our destination wedding in Mykonos. We had originally booked her for May of 2020, but our wedding was postponed due to COVID. In addition to graciously keeping our contract for the next year, Magdalene was an amazing addition to our wedding. She was available to give input on a change in the ceremony venue, decided on less than a month before the wedding, and was very helpful in keeping me calm and reassured throughout the process. On the day before the wedding, Magdalene and our videographers walked around Mykonos town with us. She immediately made us feel at ease. Her style, more documentary or photojournalist than a "traditional" wedding, was exactly what we needed. She obtained such gorgeous, candid shots, which exactly captured the moments we wanted to remember. Her encouragement helped us act naturally and the beautiful photographs are a testament to her "behind-the-scenes" approach. Her photographs are just spectacular. On the day of the wedding, Magdalene was careful to capture so many small elements, and not just the traditional ones (dress, shoes, accessories, etc). She took time to get to know us, to understand what traditions were important to us, and to highlight the small details that we had worked so hard to create. An intimate place setting for dinner. The traditional Palestinian embroidery and olive branches that we wanted to incorporate. She did it all in such a remarkable, low-key manner. When we got our photos back (and so quickly!), I couldn't believe the photos she was able to get - I don't even remember seeing her at some parts! All I can say is that we were truly lucky to have found Magdalene as our wedding photographer. I am happy to discuss her work with any interested couple. I give her my absolute highest recommendation and need to find a reason to go to Greece to work with her again.

Arene & Michael, Mykonos wedding
Wedding Photography in Greece

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