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Special Occasions Photography

Thought of special occasions photography? Are you celebrating a special occasion anytime soon? Why not document the smiles, joy, laughter, and even tears in photographs that you can look back on for years? Life is full of many events. On a personal level, today you could be celebrating your 18th birthday, and 5 years later, you are getting married. A year later you are celebrating your first anniversary. Isn’t it magical?

 Anyway because of how busy life can get, we may find ourselves forgetting about these special occasions. And that’s why photography exists. Photographing special occasions will make it possible for you to show your grandkids thirty years later, pictures of a secret wedding proposal that was planned by their granddad. Or, when you are enjoying your honeymoon, you can look through your weddig

But, What are Some of these Special Occasions that Require a Special Photographer?

As you already know, photos are great at preserving memories. With the help of a skilled photographer, you can get colorful photos that will always remind you about a certain event. Below are some of the most important and special occasions that require professional photography.


Special Occasions Photography: Couple Portraits

 More couples are choosing to have professional shoots whether they are married or yet to be engaged. The beauty of couple shoots is that you can still get gorgeous pictures of yourselves irrespective of where you are in your life right now. Unlike wedding shoots where you have limited time, couple shoots give you the freedom to choose a venue, theme, or perfect outfit. This special occasion can create beautiful couple portraits that you will adore till your hair turns gray. Many of the couple portraits shootings involve wedding proposals, engagements, honeymoons, holidays, anniversaries, vows renewals, etc



 The second most important occasion in a person’s life is their wedding. It is an honor to find a soul mate with whom you intend to spend the rest of your life. This once-in-a-lifetime event shouldn’t be taken lightly or easily forgotten. No matter how busy you become in the future, the couple portraits hanging on your walls will always remind you of why, and when you said ‘I Do!’ kindly note that weddings may become a little bit overwhelming, so you need to hire an exceptionally gifted photographer.


Special Occasions Photography: Honeymoon

 Even though most people prefer to overlook honeymoons, this too is a special occasion. After all the hassle of planning and hosting a wedding celebration, you and your lover deserve to relax. While you are basking under the sunny beaches of Greece, a photographer can as well capture these occasions. And 10 years later, you and your partner can look back at the great times you spent on your honeymoon.


Family Meetings

 Does your family host a meeting at least once a year or go on holiday in Greece? If not, then you guys need to start doing so. It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving or Christmas for you and your relatives to come together. You can set a date every year, preferably one with a long weekend, and have everyone meet at your parents, grandparents, or any of the siblings’ houses and spend time with each other. These are occasions that you will need to remind each other of. You can also take advantage of family meetings to take family portraits.


Tips on How to Get the Most from Special Occasion Photography


One of the joys of life is knowing that there is a special event coming soon. There will always be something to look forward to. And as you plan on that event, here are some ways you can get the most from special occasion photography.


Enjoy Yourself

 I have photographed hundreds of events in the past and the most important piece of advice I can tell my clients is that they should enjoy themselves. When you are having fun, you can’t force a smile. And this is the vibe we want to capture in the photos.


Find an Interesting Theme and Venue

 The theme and venue are two important things that contribute immensely to a fantastic special occasion shoot. Is it your kid’s graduation, make sure you choose a theme that blends with his/her career. Have everyone follow a certain dress code and choose a fancy venue. This will ensure the shots come out amazing.


Finally, Hire a Skilled Photographer

 Your occasion won’t be so special if the photographs are dull and ‘normal’. You need to take a lot of time, researching who is the best photographer for your occasion. Always ask the photographers for their portfolios so that you can judge their professionalism from their past work. It also pays off to hire a friendly photographer who can blend easily with your family, friends, and other guests.


With the above information in mind, you are ready to attend as many occasions as possible, have fun, and document the event for future reference. No matter how big or small the event is, the most important thing is having something to look back to years later.

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