I am Magdalene, a visual artist and photographer.

I have been passionate about documentary wedding photography since 2009. Being a visual artist and a proud mother to 3 amazing children has an influence on my storytelling style. 

I have a BA in Fine Arts from WCA, University of the Arts London, and a MA in Digital Arts from London Metropolitan University. I am also honored to have received the Adobe Award in International Digital Art Festival in Australia, and the BBC distinction, in the UK. Moreover, my work was the cover of Grace Ormonde wedding style magazine.

As a destination wedding photographer in Greece, I understand the importance of creating a memorable experience for my clients. When working with me, couples can expect to feel a sense of ease, comfort, and excitement throughout the entire process.

From the very beginning, I strive to establish a personal connection with my clients. I take the time to get to know them, their unique love story, and their vision for their wedding day. By understanding their individual preferences and desires, I am able to customize their photography experience to reflect their personal style and capture the essence of their relationship.

Born in Athens, with origins from Naxos and Rhodes and having specialized in destination weddings in Greece for several years, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of the local venues, landscapes, and cultural nuances. My expertise allows me to guide couples in choosing the perfect locations for their wedding photography, ensuring breathtaking backdrops and stunning imagery. My goal is to create a safe space where the couple can be themselves and truly enjoy the wedding day.

My experience ranges from large, high-end weddings to more private, intimate elopements at private villas, on the Greek islands.

When it comes to documenting events, I take a very discreet approach. My aim is to capture genuine moments without being intrusive. Authentic moments always show how unique and beautiful you really are. Through my photography, couples are able to relive the emotions, laughter, and love that filled their wedding day. When couples see their wedding images for the first time, they are often overcome with a mix of emotions, from joy and excitement to tears of happiness. 

As a destination wedding photographer in Greece, my main goal is to provide couples with an unforgettable experience. By establishing a personal connection and capturing breathtaking images, I am committed to making the journey from the initial search to the final delivery of images an extraordinary one.

Can’t wait to create unforgettable memories with you. 

Magdalene Kourti wedding photographer

My aim is to authentically capture the essence of each unique wedding day, avoiding staged moments and portraying genuine emotions. Couples have complete trust in me to capture the wedding from within, almost as if I were a guest instead of a detached observer.

What I love

I love: having hugs and spending time with my kids, Greek islands hopping, exploring new cultures; film, art and music festivals; abstract expressionism, experimental music, sci-fi movies; summer, warm sun on my face, reading books on the beach, the weightlessness and the silence underwater, the sound of the wind, the odor of jasmine, minimalism and Cycladic architecture; cats, my collection of kimonos, sushi, peanut butter, poached egg on avocado toast, yoga, meditation; painting and teaching art to kids; life, big smiles and positive thinkers; and I feel grateful for capturing high vibes.

Wedding Photography in Greece

I hold a BA in Fine Arts – WCA, University of the Arts London, and a MA Digital Arts – London Metropolitan University. I love being a storyteller. Follow me on a photojournalistic adventure that captures the laughs, tears, smiles, and playful moments that happen on your day.

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