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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHYA Guide to Wedding Photography Styles
wedding photography styles

A Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

Top wedding photographers have varying signature styles. The effort that you put into choosing a professional wedding photographer in Greece should encompass adequate research on a photographer’s style and assessment on whether it can cater to the tone of your event. Understanding these wedding photography styles will help you find a photographer who can help enhance and capture the desired aesthetics of your ceremony.

Wedding photography does have its own unique categories that vary in terms of look and approach.

Which Photography Style is Best for My Wedding?

Before we look at the different types of wedding photography styles, you are probably wondering – How do I know which style suits my wedding the most? It’s easy, all you have to do is look at different photographs before filtering through wedding photographers. After doing this, you will then reflect on what you want to see in your wedding day images.

This decision can be influenced by the kind of coloring and trends your wedding will lean-on. It’s only then that you will prefer one style to the others and from there, look for a professional wedding photographer with that style.

Although it’s very easy for you to find a style that resonates with you, understanding what you are looking at makes the process relatively simple. To help you, below we have compiled a guide to wedding photography styles.


Wedding Photography Styles



In case you prefer a  folklore wedding a traditional approach can suit you best. When it comes to traditional wedding photography style, just try and remember the pictures on your parent’s wedding album. Timeless, classic, and laid back is the theme here. This is a popular style because it captures every detail from smiles to perfectly knitted dresses and suits.



Wedding photographers skilled in candid shots capture what is happening at the moment and move a lot to capture various expressions, quite popular at family portraits or holiday portraits. In this style, there is no posing or directing, the photos are taken even without the subject’s knowledge in order to capture the mood.



For wedding destination enthusiasts that are interested in documentary wedding photography in Greece then you are the perfect fit for me! If you want your wedding photos to tell the story of what transpired on that special day then candid wedding photography style suits you most.  Wedding photojournalism is my style and I adore it since each time I do capture authentic moments. A documentary wedding photography style is mostly ideal for couples that appreciate a story-focused and journalistic approach.

Similar to other documentaries, a wedding photography documentary will showcase the events occurring in your wedding from one point to another. This style is excellent at capturing each special moment and it is the best format to use when showing your kids and grandkids in the future. To enhance its appeal, documentary photography is often in black and white. Read more at


Fine Art

Are you a sucker for fine art? Well, you can choose this photography style for your wedding. This style, similar to art found in museums, photographers focus on aesthetics more. To achieve this style, a photographer needs to be creative and have a keen eye for details. He/she should be able to focus on the smaller details of a subject. Fine art wedding photography can incorporate candid, traditional and natural poses provided the final output is edited to a fine piece of art. A great time for fine art portraits is after the ceremony when the couple takes their portraits at various locations.



This kind of wedding photography isn’t that common and most photographers will only lean towards this approach if asked by the wedding organizer. The nature of illustrative photos is that they focus on dramatic notes. It is done with the aid of artificial light and maybe edited afterward. Some poses can be directed to achieve illustrative photography. Therefore, if this is something that you are really into, you should make it clear to your wedding photographer early in advance.



Natural photography is also another excellent style for outdoor wedding photography in Greece. This style requires the use of natural light when taking photos. It works best for outdoor ceremonies and a professional wedding photographer can utilize natural light to capture stunning images. Quite close to documentary-style and ideal for engagement photography too.



It’s not that other elements of your wedding won’t mean much but portraits, as a style is a sure way of capturing important people on the big day. Examples include a couple, family members, and bridal party portraits. When it comes to portraits, photographers can incorporate different styles such as candid or traditional.



Not as common as the above wedding photography styles, but fashion is gradually becoming a popular category. Being as dynamic and action-oriented as it is, fashion wedding photography style captures unique looks, dresses, and moments. The lighting is usually controlled to produce the best results. If the couple has never been to any fashion gigs, they should ask the photographer for tips so that all elements of fashion can be captured.


Which style would you prefer for your wedding?

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