Contemporary Storytelling
I'm a bit of a hunter for authentic, messy, honest love.Elegant documentation of love stories and life celebrations inspired by emotions and light. The imagery you can feel.
Timeless Moments
When it comes to love, there is nothing more exciting than photographing it. Capturing those special moments between two people in love is a true labor of love. It's all about being in the right place at the right time and having an eye for capturing those intimate moments.
Authentic Connections
Weddings are full of so much emotion and I feel truly honored to be able to document such an important day in couples' lives. I approach each wedding with a Photojournalistic eye, looking for those spontaneous moments that happen organically throughout the day.
Wedding Photography
Real moments are the best ones. So my style is all about getting authentic, honest emotions, and natural photos. I will do my very best to make sure you feel comfortable and forget the camera as much as possible.
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I am Magdalene an award-winning visual artist and wedding photographer in Greece since 2009

As a wedding photographer, I am passionate about being a storyteller, capturing the essence of your special day in a photojournalistic style. Join me on this captivating journey, where I will create a visual narrative that reflects the unique beauty of your love story. I aim to be a silent observer, documenting the emotions, interactions, and details that unfold throughout the day.


"It is one thing to have 'formal' photos of your wedding day and another to have images that capture the essence of moments! Magdalene observed and recorded our story as it unfolded, each image filled with emotion, truth, and realism."

Adriana and Anastasios. Australia

"Magdalene has an eye for composition in her photography; her photos capture more than the moment, they become a piece of art. She captured every little moment the best looks, the best dancing, the best smiles, and all in a unique way."

Anastasia & Michael, Canada

"The pictures are fantastic!! You have such a great eye. I can't believe you captured some of the moments that you did, in Santorini. I absolutely LOVE all the photos. Thanks again for capturing that special day for us. You're awesome Magdalene!"

Josephin-Pramond. HK

"We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been able to have Magdalene as our wedding photographer. Not only is she a true artist with an exceptional eye and sensibility, who has been able to capture the most wonderful moments of our wedding on Sifnos, but she is also an extremely professional photographer."

Laurie & Clement, France

Jennifer & Dimitris, Canada Corfu wedding

Magdalene is pure magic, she captures the most important candid moments and you don't even realize she's in the room. She specializes in journalistic photography so if you don't like posinc for pictures or you are camera shy she is your girl. She documented amazing moments, each picture conveys emotion, every time I look at a picture I relive my wedding. Her pictures are beautiful, she is professional and honest. most of all she helps you feel relaxed on your big day, she truly is a breath of fresh air.

Let's Connect

I hold a BA in Fine Arts – WCA, University of the Arts London, and a MA Digital Arts – London Metropolitan University. I love being a storyteller. Follow me on a photojournalistic adventure that captures the laughs, tears, smiles, and playful moments that happen on your day.

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